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ViDi Suite : Image Analysis Software

Deep Learning based industrial image analysis software

ViDi Systems SA, a leading Swiss software firm, earns recognition among
the Top 10 Machine Vision Solution Providers for Manufacturing Industry
2016 by Manufacturing Tech Insights.

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Varioptic Auto Focus Lens

Varioptic has now created a « smart lens » that can be reconfigured on demand with just a variation of voltage.
The lens can adapt rapidly and continuously from diverging to converging and be modeled to support all key optical functions, starting with Auto-Focus and Optical Image Stabilization.

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9 Mega-Pixel Lens-Now on sale

Manual Iris Lens, compatible with up to 9 mega-pixel cameras:
FA lenses for use with up to 9 mega-pixel resolution and image processing. This lens is optimized for a wide range of applications including electronic substrates.
9 Mega-Pixel Lens:12mm/16mm/25mm/35mm/50mm/75mm

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Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition 2017

G4 Booth: TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, L328

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SEMICON Taiwan 2017

G4 Booth: TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, 809

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2017 AOIEA

G4 Booth: Coming soon

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